“Avium” as we call it symbolizes the Wilderness! The Wilderness has no set path to travel. The splendor and magical mystique of the Wilderness is showcased throughout the Wilderness! The Birds, the Bees, Elephants , Leopards and all wild animals and the Trees, Flowers, Lakes, waterways, mountains, and the fresh breeze are all Nature’s ingredients of the Wilderness, which is embedded with a sense of freedom! It is our duty to fall in the correct path with what is offered by  the Wilderness. Follow that path and Nature will guide you!

The story of the team “Avium”

We are a team of 6 photographers from the Tropical Island of Sri Lanka. We began documenting what the Wilderness had to offer us through photography. We enjoy immersing ourselves in the wilds of the world. We were blessed that we had access to tropical nature in our country, Sri Lanka, which boasts of a bountiful of nature’s wonders. We also travel the world, documenting whatever nature brings our way.

The 6 members of the team look at the wilderness and its offering from different perspectives, thereby creating a diverse range of images which is inherent to each member. We bring to you Photographs that portray our interpretations of the magnificence of the Wilderness.