Melisa Fernando

Melisa’s road into the world of wildlife photography was not set, but her interest with nature films as a child and her regular trips to Sri Lanka’s stunning National Parks, encouraged by her father, sparked an intense desire in her. Her interest in photography grew from a simple adolescent hobby in mobile phone photography to the point when she acquired her first camera in her mid-20s. Those formative years were marked by a persistent quest to comprehend the intricate details of capturing wildlife, thorough observation of nature’s workings, and development of a deep awareness of animal behaviour. Every safari turned into a life-changing learning opportunity, a concept that still has a significant impact on her.

Since her ultimate goal is to enthrall the audience and tell a unique narrative, Melisa believes in using subtlety in her wildlife art to create a captivating narrative for the viewer. She is fascinated by the unique habitats of these awe-inspiring creatures and strives to capture their essence in her images.

Currently employed by Google Inc. in Ireland, Melisa has a diversified educational background in management, law, and information technology. She states that regardless of the results of years of skill, careful planning, or the accidental alignment of stars, the key to taking a great wildlife shot is still mysterious. Melisa embraces nature’s unpredictable lessons in patience while acknowledging the difficulties in capturing subjects that move freely or enduring harsh weather conditions.

Melisa is aware that wildlife photography is a male-dominated industry, but she is inspired by the remarkable women who are making waves and leaving their mark. In addition to documenting the natural world, Melisa is passionate about raising awareness about the need to conserve and preserve Sri Lanka’s forests and wildlife. Her unwavering commitment to photography is motivated by her genuine joy in sharing the breath-taking beauty of Sri Lanka’s forests.

In the hopes of building a strong bond between the viewer and the untamed creatures she photographs, Melisa relishes the chance to offer her mesmerizing images and accompanying narratives. She views her work as a powerful spark that inspires people to care more about the worthwhile cause of conservation and to have a greater respect for the marvels of nature.