Mevan Piyasena

Mevan Piyasena

With a deep-rooted passion for nature, Mevan Piyasena is a distinguished naturalist, wildlife photographer, and conservationist. He cultivated his love of the wilderness with regular excursions with his father to Yala National Park, home to Sri Lanka’s amazing wildlife. As a result of these life-changing experiences, he committed himself to preserving and observing the country’s biodiversity.

Mevan developed a fascination with wildlife at the tender age of nine when he captured a remarkable photograph of four leopards congregating near a trail in Yala. In response to this encounter, he became devoted to capturing the untamed beauty of the wild through a camera lens. Since Mevan acquired his own camera at the age of thirteen, he has embarked on a spectacular journey of wildlife photography. His special focus has been capturing tuskers and their majestic presence.

Motivated by a deep interest in wildlife, Mevan aspired to broaden his knowledge and interests by becoming a member of prestigious organizations such as the Young Zoologists Association and the Field Ornithologists Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL). As a result of these associations, he was able to expand his expertise from tuskers to encompass a wide range of animals.

Mevan Piyasena’s photographic portfolio expanded to include a wide variety of subjects, from tiny insects to the majestic blue whale, the largest animal on Earth. Blue whales, the largest creatures on Earth, can reach up to 30 meters in length and weigh over 200 tons, with their tongues alone weighing as much as an elephant.

Mevan’s dedication to wildlife transcended photography. He also wanted to work to preserve their habitats and ensure their survival. Since 2000, he has been actively involved in several wildlife organizations, such as the Nature Protection Society and the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka.He has collaborated with industry experts to share his knowledge of the natural world and contribute to meaningful conservation efforts.

He has earned a certificate in Wildlife Management and Conservation and a diploma in Advanced Tourism Management from the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Mevan’s abiding fascination with leopards drove him to focus his attention on studying and conserving these elusive predators. He has made significant contributions to various leopard research and conservation initiatives, with a focus on identification and preservation. He is instrumental in preserving these majestic beasts as a co-founder of the Hill Country Leopard Conservation Initiative and the Yala Leopard Centre, the first information center devoted to Sri Lankan leopards. Mevan and his team are now able to undertake significant study on leopards in both Yala and Kumana National Parks thanks to official research permits they were able to get from Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife and Conservation. They have introduced a novel way of identification by publishing ground-breaking data on spot and rosette variations in leopards as a result of their diligent study efforts.

Mevan’s breathtaking images of leopards in Sri Lanka have received a lot of praise and recognition. The upcoming charity book series Remembering Leopards by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, distributed by Remembering Wildlife, will prominently include his photos. These publications are slated for release in October 2023 with the intention of raising funds that will support efforts to save leopards. Mevan was also mentioned in the Biznomics Magazine, where his knowledge of Sri Lankan wildlife and depth of experience were clearly emphasized.

Mevan is well-respected in his area due to his lifetime passion to the natural world, exceptional wildlife photography, and persistent commitment to conservation. He continues to make major contributions to the knowledge and preservation of Sri Lanka’s rich wildlife through partnerships, research endeavors, and active engagement with wildlife associations. Mevan’s portfolio of work is evidence of the transformational power of enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to preserving Sri Lanka’s natural environments for future generations.