Battle of the Raptors!

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Yala National Park


Greater Spotted Eagle (Clanga clanga)
White Bellied Sea Eagle (Icthyophaga leucogaster)


Milinda Wattegedara

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In the vicinity of Kumanavillu, an observation was made of a raptor exhibiting interest in a school of fish. With great patience, we remained in position for approximately four hours as the raptor consumed half of a fish and subsequently took flight towards a nearby tree. Anticipating its return, we were surprised to witness a white-bellied sea eagle swiftly approaching the partially consumed fish after approximately 45 minutes. Unexpectedly, the aforementioned raptor reappeared, engaging in a fierce altercation with the white-bellied sea eagle in order to secure its meal. It is of utmost significance to note that this particular avian species has never before been documented in the region of SrIanka.

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Delivery Terms

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