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Minneriya National Park


Sri Lankan Elephant (Elephas Maximus Maximus)

Conservation Status

Listed as Endangered on the IUCN List


Dushyantha Silva

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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I captured this photograph at the Great Elephant Gathering of Minneriya, where elephants from the surrounding areas congregate at the Minneriya Lake. This ancient tank, dating back to 300 AD, was constructed by a King of the Anuradhapura Civilization, beginning in 437 BC.

Typically, a herd of elephants consists solely of females. The only males present in a herd are sub-adults who separate from their group upon reaching adulthood. During the musth, a period of heightened testosterone levels in adult male elephants, many adult males attempt to join the herd for mating purposes. However, only the strongest and most dominant male will be accepted into the herd, as the males become highly protective of the entire group and will chase away any lesser dominant males.

The photograph depicts an incident where the dominant male in musth chases another male, also in musth, who had snuck into the herd while the dominant male was occupied with a female in estrus. The less dominant elephant was quickly chased out of the herd, as he was not powerful enough to resist.

Through ethical photography practices and sheer patience, I was able to capture this majestic animal in its natural habitat.

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Delivery Terms

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