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Vankalai Sanctuary


Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus)


Dushyantha Silva

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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The flock of Greater Flamingos was an absolute spectacle, their vibrant colors shining brilliantly in the sunlight. Some of these magnificent creatures were completely absorbed in their search for food beneath the water’s surface, while others were engrossed in their intricate mating rituals.

The flock was divided into two distinct groups, each marching in the direction that their alluring females enticed them towards. It was clear that they treasured every moment they spent together. In order to not disturb their delicate balance, I maintained complete silence and barely moved, as if frozen in time. This allowed them to fully indulge in their cravings and desires, without any interruption.

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Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Option 1 - You can collect your print from the Sri Lankan High Commission between the 4th and the 8th of November 2023.
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