The Happy Bear!

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Yala National Park


Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus inornatus)


Dushyantha Silva

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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As I drove through the Yala National Park, I stumbled upon a Sloth Bear gallivanting happily on an off beaten track. I knew I had to stop and admire this magnificent creature from a safe distance. The sunlight filtering through its black fur created a beautiful hue that left a lasting impression on me. It reminded me of the importance of giving animals space to continue their natural behavior, not only for conservation purposes but also for observing their beauty in the wild. As a wildlife lover, adhering to ethical practices is crucial. Let’s all do our part in preserving the wonders of nature for generations to come.

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Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Option 1 - You can collect your print from the Sri Lankan High Commission between the 4th and the 8th of November 2023.
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