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Yala National Park


Common King Fisher (Alcedo atthis)


Raveendra Siriwardene

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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In April of 2016, I was parked on the main road adjacent to Kohombagaswala within the confines of Yala National Park. The air was thick with anticipation as we suddenly heard the piercing alarm call of a deer, signaling the proximity of a predator- a leopard.Time seemed to stretch as we patiently waited, our hearts pounding with excitement. My jeep driver, the ever-observant Kalu, alerted me to the presence of a common Kingfisher perched in close proximity. Given the time of day, nearing noon, I presumed the bird would soon catch a fish for its lunch. My presumption proved accurate,in a breathtaking display of precision and skill, the Kingfisher dived into the water, disappearing beneath the surface for a fleeting moment and triumphantly returning with a prize fit for a king – a frog clasped firmly in its beak..Though I may not have immortalized the leopard’s majestic presence through the lens of my camera, the unexpected encounter with the Kingfisher and its astonishing catch will forever remain etched in my memory.

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Delivery Terms

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