Birding in Jaffna!

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Marsh Sand Piper (Tringa stagnatilis)


Raveendra Siriwardene

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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The Jaffna peninsula can be aptly described as a haven for avian species, particularly from the months of November to March. Following the conclusion of a thirty-year-long civil war, the region has become a thriving habitat for both migratory and resident birds. In early 2016, I had the opportunity to visit Jaffna with a group of friends for the purpose of capturing these magnificent creatures, and our efforts were not in vain. I was fortunate enough to witness a mother duck with her offspring, known as Spotted Billed ducks, as well as Marsh Sand Pipers engaging in territorial disputes. The most opportune moments for bird photography are during the break of dawn and the onset of dusk, when the vibrant colors of Jaffna create a breathtaking backdrop. Engaging in birdwatching in Jaffna, while undoubtedly enjoyable, requires an abundance of patience, the ability to conceal one’s presence, and the skill to remain motionless. Adequate preparation before daybreak is essential in order to seize the perfect opportunity to observe these birds up close. It is worth noting that the presence of fishing boats can easily disrupt one’s photographic endeavors. Moreover, it is possible to spot various species of eagles, particularly in close proximity to the small fisheries along the beach or nearby lagoons. Occasionally, one may feel disheartened by the inability to capture a picturesque scene, but any such disappointment can be alleviated by indulging in the delectable traditional cuisine of Jaffna. In particular, the mouth-watering Jaffna-style crab and prawn curry, accompanied by Jaffna rice, pittu, or parata, is highly recommended. For those with a penchant for diverse culinary experiences, it is imperative to sample the renowned Rio ice cream.

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Delivery Terms

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