Encounter With Rare Pangolin!

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Wilpattu National Park


Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata)


Raveendra Siriwardene

Size of your Print (In Inches) – 16” x 24” photograph printed in Canvas and stretch framed.

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It was during my time in the enchanting Galkadawala village, nestled near the majestic Wilpattu, that I found myself immersed in a captivating encounter. As I focused my lens on an exquisite Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, little did I know that fate had something extraordinary in store for me.

Our journey back along the winding footpaths and rugged gravel roads took an unexpected turn when a breathtaking sight unfolded before us.There, right in front of our eyes, stood a magnificent and elusive creature – a pangolin. This rare animal, known for its nocturnal habits, was attempting to navigate the road before us.Positioning myself on the very road the pangolin sought to cross, I patiently awaited its approach. And then, as if guided by some unseen force, the pangolin gracefully made its way towards me.

In that fleeting moment, I captured an image that would forever be etched in my memory. The pangolin, so rarely seen by human eyes, was now immortalized in a photograph taken at ground level.

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Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

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