Raveendra Siriwardene

In 2004, Raveendra and his friends made their first trip to one of Sri Lanka’s national parks because of his love of the outdoors. Although he wasn’t particularly interested in wildlife photography, he enjoyed staying in the DWC circuit bungalows and the approved camping areas inside the jungles since they made him feel more at ease. For the time being, Raveendra frequents all of Sri Lanka’s national parks since he enjoys exploring new places and spending time in nature. After an unintentional occurrence in Yala National Park in 2011, he began his photographic business, and exploring wildlife has since been a passion. He has been to practically all of Sri Lanka’s wildlife hotspots as a wildlife photographer and frequently visits Yala, Kumana, Wilpattu, Minneriya National Parks, among other places.

Additionally, in 2015, Raveendra founded the Facebook group “wild Sri Lanka” alongside Sadeepa, Milinda, and a few other photographers. As of today, it has over 45000 members who share expertise and provide regular updates on wildlife. The “Wild Sri Lanka Photographer of the Year” Facebook group has successfully finished three wildlife photography competitions every year. Raveendra has made a distinct imprint on the Sri Lankan wildlife photography scene by being an active member of the administrative panels of three major wildlife organizations that found the maximum number of tuskers and leopards in the country’s wildlife.

In 2016, Raveendra co-launched the coffee table book “AVIUM – an endless journey through Sri Lankan wilds” with Milinda Wattegedara and Sadeepa Gunawardena. This was followed by a wildlife photography show at Lionel Wendt Art Theatre. In 2019, Raveendra was crucial to the DWC’s approval of the first-ever leopard identification guidebook. He is also a founding member of the Yala Leopard Centre, the first leopard-focused information center in the world, which was founded in 2020. The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society in Sri Lanka (WNPS), which Raveendra belongs to, has granted him life membership.
As one of Raveendra’s many honors, he was named “Sri Lanka Tourism Photographer of the Year in 2017.”

In terms of his professional history, Raveendra has 23 years of managerial experience in the human resources field. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and has taken part in executive training programs both locally and abroad, including those run by Harvard Business School. Despite having a professional background, Raveendra spends his free time exploring Sri Lanka’s different forests. He remains devoted to this passionate interest whilst taking part in an array of wildlife conservation endeavors.