Sadeepa Gunawardana

Sadeepa’s love of the outdoors is evident in his passion for camping and hiking with his family in the wilderness. By the year 2012, his interest had developed into a passion that had made him a wildlife and nature photographer. Sadeepa is primarily interested in photographing birds and their behavior, and as a result, he particularly enjoys catching both birds that are native to Sri Lanka and those that periodically migrate there. Since 2012, he has devoted endless days to capturing these birds in every region of the island, including Jaffna, Mannar, Nilgala, and Sinharaja.

His photographs in this exhibition also contain shots of migratory animals that adorn Sri Lanka’s coastline and varied landscapes. Since 2012, Sadeepa has spent countless days honing his technique and traveling the entire island—from Jaffna to Mannar, Nilgala to Sinharaja—in an effort to capture these bird marvels on camera.

Birding groups have recorded over 450 species of resident and migratory birds in Sri Lanka’s wild areas in a single year, providing an amazing spectacle of the country’s rich avian diversity. Sadeepa has become more immersed in the world of bird photography because of the vibrant colors, rarity, and complexity achieving the ideal avian shot.

A small group of wildlife lovers and academics who worked together to form the Facebook Groups Yala Leopard Diary and the Wild Tuskers of Sri Lanka provided the inspiration for this exhibition. In terms of Sri Lankan leopards and tuskers, these online groups currently house the greatest databases in the nation, which include vital details about these amazing animals. The creation of such a thorough database has proven helpful to the groups dedicated to protecting wildlife and the environment. It allows for close surveillance of these creatures, which significantly reduces the opportunity for poaching.
The Department of Wildlife Conservation entrusted Sadeepa and his team with creating an extensive field manual on leopard identification in Yala in 2019. They subsequently received permission to build the Yala Leopard Centre, nestled inside Yala National Park’s boundaries and accessible to park visitors, the world’s first information center solely concentrating on leopards.

Sadeepa has a master’s degree in marketing and information technology from the Freiberg Mining and Technical University in Germany, but the natural world will always hold a special place in his heart and soul. His unshakable passion to preserve nature and instill in the next generation the importance of acting responsibly in the wild continues to be his driving force.

Sadeepa views himself as a responsible citizen and an adventurous traveler who is enthusiastic about wildlife and the natural world. He uses his vast understanding and expertise to preserve the island’s natural beauty for future generations. Sadeepa has a strong conviction that Sri Lanka can be marketed as the world’s top location for ethical wildlife tourism.